Music-News was present to see Verdiana, a 27 year old Italian musician, finalist in the 2013 edition of ‘Amici’, showcase her first album ‘ Nel Centro Del Mirino’ (released on Carosello Records) at the wonderful Blue Note club in Milan.

Surrounding herself both onstage, with a carefully selected band who also collaborated on the record, and offstage with friends, fan club members and record company executives, happy to boost morale and exude energy, all in all it was a very pleasant event highlighting the quality of the songs on the album and a raw natural talent that might well blossom.

Dressed in a simple black outfit, Verdiana gradually relaxed as the evening progressed , able to duet with other Italian artists and even a gospel trio at one point, so managing to express a promising musical range and diversity.
By the time the final notes of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ had subsided, I can safely say Verdiana had successfully overcome this hurdle and with various showcases to be played throughout Italy this summer, it looks like she will enjoy the long steeplechase.