They say that a great song transcends form – that it can be played in any form and bring something and take something from the form. The opening song on this album feels that way – ‘Back To Blue’ could be done as a roots song or as a harmony vocal number or even as heavy metal. Berkeley has chosen to sing it as a roots number with banjo and his high vocals giving the song a ton of emotion – really fine.

The title track follows, again beautifully played and dripping with emotion and with a marvellous lack of power.
‘The Well (Wait For The Rain) is essentially a poem put to a guitar and for some reason it reminded me a little of Donovan. The banjo here is another perfect accompaniment and the song leaves you with a strange set of emotions but it is a perfect companion piece to the albums closer ‘Song For The Road’ which develops from a little number into a great, horn laden number..

The album is a delight. Easy and intense, beautifully recorded and loaded with emotion. The work of a man whose music is part of him and made to bring out his creative juices. I believe that it was recorded virtually live in the studio with few overdubs and that feeling of one-ness comes through the playing and the presentation.