On paper the Bermondsey Joyriders are a punk band but they have proved that their playing abilities outstrip that title.
This double ‘A’ side single is a leader for their new album and they have stated that the tracks won’t be on the album.

I haven’t heard the album but if this is representative then it will be a blast – these two tracks are great.

Two songs about two misunderstood and almost forgotten icons and both songs are in the style of the subject – short sharp and punchy as hell.

When Brian Jones formed the Stones they were the punks of their day. Hard edged, snotty and drenched in classic Blues and the song catches their sound around the time of ‘Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown’ perfectly – big harmonised chorus and thrashing riff with just a touch of drug-fuelled psychedelia.
Johnny Thunders was the original guitarist with the New York Dolls and later formed the original Heartbreakers before Tom Petty took the name. Again the band have captured the sound of the NY Dolls perfectly – rip-off Stones but with a New York identity and monstrous riffs.

Cracking single, can’t wait for the album!