Cambridge's Forest has been tagged with the dreaded ‘Ones to Watch’ tip, after a couple of releases so maybe we should just wave goodbye to them now?

Maybe not, as the Wisdom Tusk EP while not a world shaker does indicate a band with some interesting ideas. Opener All I Have piles in with a nice pop/punk frenzy before settling down and blasting off again. Box’s bright insistent rhythms and plucking melodies may be grating for some, while September’s a pleasant bass driven ditty that threatens to overcomplicate itself. The EP closes with Knots which is the best song with its gentle bubbling drift injected with some cutting guitars taking it into a more left field direction. The vocals are earnest and a little thin, bordering on an acquired taste.

The ‘i’ (do I need to spell it out?) roots are there for all to hear and easy to hang Forest with, though that would be unfair. After three EPs in 9 months the band are starting to find their feet, with some good ideas. Whether it’s enough to distinguish them from the crowd, time (and lots of luck) will tell.