Sunday’s in Camden aren’t usually that much fun: too many people aimlessly wandering around, stopping to take photos of naff t-shirts shops, and a pain to get to because the usual routes are subject to ‘planned engineering works’. So it was an effort to but well worth it as The Vintage Caravan took to the Underworld stage for the first time and played a very impressive half-hour.

Plugging new Voyage album, the band opened with a pummelling Craving and didn’t look back. At its core, their retro-blues-psych-stoner blend is not that original but they have added some little twists and live they play with such gusto and abandon that all thoughts of originality go out the window. The new album is a smorgasbord of good songs and there’s no complaints about the choices of M.A.R.S. W.A.T.T., Expand your Mind and Cocaine Sally being lobbed out to an increasingly enthusiastic crowd.

The main focus is &Ocute;skar Logi Ágüstsson on guitar and vocals. He’s a genuine find with a natural stage presence, and not missing a beat with hair and fingers flaying all over the place. With Alexander Örun Nümason on bass and Gudjón Reynisson on drums they are tight, formidable, trio. This was ably demonstrated with a short jam midway through the set which, impressive at it was, maybe another song would have been more prudent.

Coming on before an entertaining Asomvel and the unstoppable Grand Magus, The Vintage Caravan acquitted themselves brilliantly.