I've always had a special place in my heart for electronic musical art forms. The evolution of synthesis and virtual instrumentation has almost voided acoustical hardware...I did say “almost”! As a serious means of art, the electro is possibly the most expressive at portraying soundscapes that convey more than verbal linguistics ever could. The duo, no:carrier, seem obsessed with experimenting with as much as possible in the little moments a conventional song duration can afford, because of this, their album, Confession EP, much like their previous offerings, simply cannot be defined within the stylistic boundaries of the more commonplace electro genre.

Appointed as “Electro Noir Pop” by one half of the partnership and the main producer, Chris Wirsig, Each song on the 5-track album melds numerous elements from subgenres such as dark wave and synthpop, sweeping the compositions with heavily tweaked sound effects, atmospheric base leads and punchy basslines. With that base in place, instrumentation from worldwide cultures then come into play, broadening the scope and emphasising the experimental nature of the album.

Wirsig claims that he and bandmate, Cynthia Wechselberger will “stay true to our ideals and write exactly the songs we want to write". The only question is, what is the material really about? Executed in a typically depressive style, the Confession EP encapsulates a self-examination of situations and instances from their personal lives and the lives of others. Yep, you guessed it – these are indeed confessions; confessions filled with regret and hindsight as well as personal opinion. The titular track perfectly exemplifies this and the remainder of the album only builds on the premise with a thumping two-step hook.