Geek-chic German artist KlangKuenstler makes his UK debut at Pacha London on April 11th as part of ‘Soundplate Presents…’ (along with Mark Wells, Jaquo George and more) and the night also coincides with the release of his single ‘Hand In Hand’ – which is already building a buzz with UK radio. We caught up with the crazy-named Berliner for a quick chat and discovered he likes cooking and Jean Michel Jarre.

Music News: How long have you been making music?
KlangKuenstler: I make music since 3 years now

Music News: How does living in Berlin inspire you to make music?
KlangKuenstler: For me it doesn't really depend on where I am living, but of course I got here more input of the greatest artist from all over the world than in the small village where I grew up.

Music News: What was the inspiration behind Hand In Hand and what does the track mean to you?
KlangKuenstler: To be honest, it just happened…like most of my tracks. But it means much to me because this track refers to my girl which moved from Frankfurt to Berlin for me a few months ago.

Music News: Are you looking forward to playing in London for the first time? What can we expect from your set?
KlangKuenstler: For sure, I can't wait for 11th of April, I am really excited and of course also a bit nervous! And you can expect a set of full of bouncy baselines with some funky, happy and melancholic melodies.

Music News: Apart from Pacha and the release of Hand In Hand what else do you have coming up soon?
KlangKuenstler: My album will be released, so the next release will be the first single which is called 'Man On The Moon' featuring the wonderful singer Alice Phoebe Lou from Capetown. The single includes also great remixes from Umami and Sokool.
Next step is then the full album and the second single. After that my remix of the classic from the 70s 'Cold As Ice' will be released and I have also an upcoming release on Great Stuff.

Music News: What do you do to chill out when you are not making music or performing?
KlangKuenstler: Just spending time with my girlfriend and some friends, cooking…random things :)

Music News: You've been touring all over the world, what has been your standout club show so far?
KlangKuenstler: That's a difficult question, and becomes from time to time even more difficult because so many factors contribute to an outstanding party. But to name first time in Paris, it was also my first time I got goosebumps during a set.
I can't describe why, there was just these special moments where the crowd and myself have been sooo...I don't know..I don't know any words for that.

Music News: If you could collaborate with any musician dead or alive who would it be?
KlangKuenstler: Well..there are so many, but to name some: The Metronomy, Johnossi ,Jurgen Paape ,Paul, Kalkbrenner,Jean Michel Jarre and many more...

KlangKuenstler’s single Hand In Hand will be released on April 11th via Soundplate Records.

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