There’s no shortage of bands plying bluesd up 70’s hard rock these days. Some are very good and manage to push forward, others are more content to just drift and plug away unimaginatively. Cadillac Three are in the former category with a definite Led Zep bent but coming from Nashville there’s the added spice of the sound of the South of America.
The band come on stage to a good reception and after half an hour have made a few more friends.

Live they are harder than the more hometown vibe of the album and this suits them, letting them crank-out and take the songs in different directions. Having said that, maybe another song rather that an extended White Lighting would have a better use of their limited time but hell they were having a good time and this was picked up by the crowd.

Visually it’s all on Jaren Johnson as lead guitar and vocals, as both Kelby Ray and Neil Mason are seated with lap steel and drums respectively. No matter he’s a natural with a nice line in banter and some sliding step foot moves. Johnson does take to the drums at the end of the set bashing away with Mason, which is about as much showmanship as you get. This was a no frills rock ‘n’ roll set and damned good fun too.