British singer/songwriter Rupert Blackman moved to Amsterdam in search of love and instead found his voice.

His band Causes write smart, soaring indie/pop songs and have already had considerable success in their adoptive Holland where ‘Teach Me How To Dance With You’ went platinum. Now, they are setting their sights on the UK with their debut album (and ‘Teach Me…’ single) coming out on Year One / RCA next year.

Leaving family, friends and all behind, Rupert upped sticks and followed his heart to Amsterdam where he lost the girl but found a musical ally in guitarist Jan Schroder. They swiftly formed the four piece Causes.

Produced by Ian Grimble (Bears Den, Daughter), the EP is a delightful first taste of the band’s distinct sound. With Rupert’s emotive voice set against Schroder’s hauntingly atmospheric guitar sound the result is a set of compelling, brooding pop songs.

Lead track ‘To The River’ is emphatically rhythmic, building up to an irresistible lead hook. The melodic ’This Sinking Ship’ is vividly emotional and hugely powerful. The EP also includes a remix of ‘To The River’ by production duo (and fellow Amsterdam locals) The Him.

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Causes play their first ever London show at The Waiting Room 17th November.

Causes are: Rupert Blackman (vocals), Jan Schroder (guitar), Simon Boeing-Messing (drums) and Robert Pronk (bass).