Russell Watson never thought he and Aled Jones would be able to make music together because their voices are so different.

The two distinctive voices have reunited in the studio once again for their second album, 'Back In Harmony', and Russell has admitted to being surprised by how well their styles have blended.

Russell exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "You wouldn't put our voices together on paper but they work really well on the record - it's been a fantastic project. It's been really fun and we've enjoyed it.

"It's important to get that blend and thankfully it does seem to work really well. There was obviously a certain amount of apprehension beforehand but once we started we soon realised there was nothing to worry about."

Aled - who rose to fame at the age of 12 with 'Walking in the Air', the hit song from 'The Snowman' - added: "We didn't know if it would work at all.

"We'd never sang together before so it was a total journey into the unknown essentially. But it's been a real pleasure - and the fact we get on so well comes across in the music, I think.

"I hope it shows that we're both about making the most of life and just having fun."

Despite their musical chemistry, Russell still had difficulty adjusting to Aled's timekeeping.

He admitted: "The only thing I've had any trouble with is that Aled's always 15 minutes early for everything and I'm always 10/15 minutes late - which makes me look really bad!"

Aled and Russell's new album 'Back In Harmony' is out now.