When her prior band dissolved in early 2017, Nicoletta Kate was put in a position of uncertainty. Armed with songs about the turmoils of growing up, she took to the studio to record The Let Go’s debut EP, “Too Much of a Good Thing”.

Following the release, a band was put together, playing around the DC area. Inspired by the excitement of the new band, and just turning 18-years old, Nicoletta Kate wrote several new singles, eventually combining to a new self-titled EP featuring all of these songs. Today we introduce you to the focus single, "Act One."

A cool blend of pop and rock, "Act One" is an infectious song that displays Nicoletta's powerful vocals and unique songwriting abilities. "Act One", like its title, is just the beginning of what should be an exciting story for The Let Go.

The Let Go completed their first east coast tour in the Summer of 2019 and now head to Liverpool, England to continue the bands’ work overseas.