is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Vertigo by The Luck.

The Luck show no signs of slowing down. Following their new album, Ready to Run reaching #1 in the UK Country Albums chart and the success of their virtual festival, ‘The Luck and Friends’ - streaming live on Twitch to over 560k fans - The Luck have released their latest single, ‘Vertigo’, a song which perfectly reflects their meteoric rise over the last year.

Beginning with a rousingly upbeat acoustic guitar riff, the song is then immediately offset by Max’s commanding vocals, the lyrics to which are an exploration of “these dizzy heights” that the band has reached. It’s a motivational song all about keeping your head above water when feeling overwhelmed and it feels fitting for a band who are not only set to play on the BBC Introducing Stage at The Long Road Festival, but are also going on tour with Wildwood Kin later this year.

With the addition of a pounding drum beat, the song is already beginning to build, but it is when sister Esmay’s impressive vocals that it really takes off. Her powerful voice offsets the minimal instrumentation, leaving the siblings at the heart of a song which continues to build and fluctuate around the pair, threatening to overwhelm them but never quite managing it.

The song is a driving country anthem which reminds you to carry on in the face of adversity, or “live in vertigo,' as the song calls it. The dizzying heights can get the better of you if you aren’t prepared to “play with gravity”, warns this sibling duo. Of the song, Max says that “we had all these fears and doubts, we felt stuck, but we recognised the feelings, rationalised them and worked through it, channeling negativity into positive energy”. ‘Vertigo’ was born out of this process and inspires us to do the same with any obstacles which may stand in our way.