The new ‘Sleepwalking’ video from C.A.M is taken from the forthcoming ‘Just Breathe E.P.’

C.A.M is a no nonsense no gimmicks rapper from Hackney. C.A.M originally got into music and writing through the early grime era but then later moved onto boombap hip hop as he felt grime was too focused on ego and violence which didnt fit with the messages he wanted to put into his music.

Releasing his first single/video 2 years ago 'Act like you know' got C.A.M a sudden rush of attention and support. The track was followed by his debut E.P 'The First Move' and later 'Persian Rugs', both highlighting his skill and confidence effortlessly lacing boombap beats.

With his new project 'Just Breathe' C.A.M teams up with dope producer and supporter from the offset Big Like Baz who fully produced the project. The E.P features CW Jones on the main single 'Sleepwalking' and up and coming south london rapper Verbz on 'City down south'. Cuts on 'Dont front' are provided by the talented DJ.TMB and the whole project is mixed to perfection by Morriarchi. 'Just breathe' is packed with quotables and imagery that clings to the mindseye and shows C.A.M revealing an honnest analysis of his own perception of pain as can be heard on 'Just breathe' and 'Sleepwalking'.

Check out C.A.M. on Spotify.