Round N Round is the new track from Suki Bedeaux and its basically a celebration of Pussy Power and Gentlemen who like to treat a woman well.

Suki's background is South African and Malaysian, but she was born and now lives in Brixton London alongside other Brixton artists like Sneakbo and Big Narstie. She began making music back in school when she was about 15, she had been singing since she was a girl, and then she started to produce and DJ, as she explains:

"The djing kinda started by accident. I used to make remixes of peoples tracks and post them about, this was in the new rave days before social media and people just downloaded music from forums or Napster. A promoter messaged me and asked me to DJ at a party. I didnt actually know how to DJ so I just winged it. From there I started playing warehouse raves and clubs. A few years later I joined Nasty FM a radio station by Marcus Nasty and his brother Mak 10. Around the same time I started working on my own music and that's when I decided I really wanted to be an artist. My influences are so varied, I'm influenced by my surroundings and whatever is happening in my life. I listen to a lot of Grime and Afrobeat music, but singing wise I absolutely love Mariah Carey (Suki has done a bootleg remix of ‘Obsessed) she's the queen of vocals. I grew up on a lot of UK Pop and Indie music so bands like Spice Girls and The Prodigy have influenced me quite a lot as well.

Suki has released many remixes and tunes over the years in a number of guises, she was featured in NME Top 50 Cool List of people in Rock 'n' Roll back when she was a DJ/Producer in the New Rave era. She also Remixed a track by Rudimental featuring MNEK and Sinead Harnett which has been quite big and she has been played on radio by Skrillex. She’s also done some music video modelling and appeared in videos for Moelogo, Skepta & Meridian Dan and a few other Boy Better Know videos...

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