Pete Tong's upcoming ‘Classics’ album will feature “three or four original tracks”.

The house and electronic music legend is currently working on his third studio album to feature new material - following the release of 2016’s ‘Classic House’ and 2017’s ‘Ibiza Classics’ - and has said he’s now starting to incorporate “a few originals” into the track list.

Asked if he’s working on new music, the 58-year-old DJ said: “Well, this Classics album, it will be the third album with new material on it, now we’re actually going to introduce a few originals. I’m always doing, when time allows which is difficult, I’m always trying to pop out the odd club record.

“I’ve got another collaboration with John Monkman, just had a record out a few months ago with Emanuel Satie, and I’m always looking to put out 2 or 3 of those a year as well. The main focus for me creatively making music is to get this third album done, which is just about finished, and will include 3 or 4 original tracks.”

Pete is planning to release the album later this year, but says he won’t be playing any of the original tracks during his upcoming racecourse shows - at Sandown Park on Wednesday (31.07.19), and Newmarket on August 2 - because he wants to keep them a secret.

When asked if the new songs will be on his setlist, he said: “No. Under wraps! There will be tracks from the new album in the show, new versions. The original tracks won’t be brought into the show yet.”

The music icon - who's been a DJ for almost 40 years - also admitted he never envisioned performing his classic DJ songs at sold-out arenas and festivals.

He said: "It started off as an invitation to curate, to perform at the Proms, it was a great honour. I kind of jumped at it but I had no idea what I was jumping into, I never obviously worked with an orchestra like that before but we had a big span to prepare it, did The Royal Albert Hall which was filmed amazingly by the BBC, fortunately the show went viral, creating an incredible roused opinion all over the world as well for us to go out and do it again.

"People were asking, 'Will you be doing it again? Why weren't we there? Why didn't we know about it?’ "

Pete Tong is playing Sandown Park Racecourse on July 31, and Newmarket Racecourses on August 2.