Music-News is proud to introduce the brand new single "Gimme That Moonlight" by CakeDrop and Legna!

CakeDrop is a songwriter and music producer with an overdrive-pop/garage electro sound. Born in London and raised in LA, he made his way to NYC and became obsessed with the speed and creativity of the city. He collaborates with other artists to create bombastic songs.

Legna is a Mexican-American singer and songwriter hailing from Kansas City. She moved to New York City to pursue her career as one half of the pop-soul duo Lumos. After a string of successful shows and an EP in 2016, she began collaborating with CakeDrop on her concurrent solo career.

CakeDrop and Legna met at a studio session on 36th street. They hit it off and began casually writing soulful bangers. Legna's moody and illuminating tones mixed perfectly with CakeDrop's melodically thunderous production, and the songs fell together over a couple of months. Gimme That Moonlight is their first single together, and they have a steady stream to follow through 2019.