The Luck collaborate with CountrylineTV and Gibson Guitars for ground-breaking online festival on Twitch this August 1st as they prepare to launch their breakout new album ‘Ready to Run’

Brother and sister duo, Max and Esmay Luck have been performing and gigging on the gaming platform, Twitch, for two years and amassed over 20,000 followers - at times playing to 8000 people online and raising $15,000 for charities around the world. Predominately known as a streaming site for gamers, The Luck have used Twitch in a truly pioneering way to gain music fans and promote their releases by playing online concerts.

The pair knew they wanted to thank their loyal Twitch fanbase in the run up to the release of their new album, and after some brainstorming ‘The Luck & Friends’ was born, a revolutionary virtual music festival of some of the top original music streamers on the platform. Legendary guitar company Gibson guitars will host this Twitch community event at their London HQ, and it will give fans and first-time listeners alike the chance to listen to and experience live sets from The Luck and their friends from around the globe.

Max and Esmay, who will be streaming from the Gibson in London, will be joined by ‘Tammy Blackmedia’ in San Francisco CA, ‘Ortopilot’ in Manchester UK, ‘A Couple Streams’ in Austin TX and ‘Megan Lenius’ in Anoka MN, and the event will be compered by Nathalie Cox from CountrylineTV who will also be interviewing the acts between sets. The festival, conceived by Cat Hockley from Fifth Element PR, produced by Rosie Croft from RCM and Jack Widdison from Autonomy Digital, and directed by Olivier Behazdi from Sassy Films, will go live on the Twitch home page on the 1st August at 6pm and Max and Esmay will open with tracks from their hotly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Ready to Run’.

Twitch – which was acquired by Amazon in 2014 – even flew the band over from London to Los Angeles in 2017 to perform at “TwitchCon”, their own annual conference which attracts over 50,000 people. The platform has been expanding its non-gaming offerings as of late, including a multi-year deal with Disney Digital Networks, and most recently an interactive karaoke game 'Twitch Sings'

“In our genre of music it can be hard to build a following these days without endless touring, and endless touring really needs the support of a major label!” said Max when asked about their creative use of technology. “Twitch has been an amazing way for us to connect with new fans all over the world and share a live, real-time conversation with viewers during performances, laugh at in-jokes, really be ourselves and give people an insight into how we are behind-the-scenes. We discovered such an open, caring community on the platform and continue to be amazed at how supportive the viewers and other streamers are of each other. It felt like this is what the world could use in this digital age; a hang out where people are nice to each other and can just stop by for a bit of live music and a chat.”

Having spent their teen years experimenting and honing their musicianship separately, the sibling pair Max and Esmay Luck soon realised their potential as a band, and so ‘The Luck’ was born. Formed in 2011, the duo have spent the last few years split between England and the States, recording new music and performing in some of America’s most distinguished venues including the Troubadour, Hotel Café, and NoName in LA.

It was at one of these performances that The Luck were first introduced to The President of Music at Warner Brothers Pictures, Paul Broucek, who, after hearing them perform, quickly approached the duo to work with them in producing their debut album. The Luck have now returned to London to release their debut album, which was recorded in LA in collaboration with Ash Howes and Grammy award winning engineer-mixers, Ed Cherney & Paul Hicks.

So what’s next for the Luck? Well, with the upcoming release of their album ‘Ready to Run’, and the innovative festival taking place on August 1st, you’re not going to want to miss what this exciting new duo get up to next….