Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Hugo Valentine – ‘Live Another Day’

Having been born and raised in London on a strong diet of Elton John and David Bowie, emerging singer and songwriter Hugo Valentine now returns with his latest single ‘Live Another Day’. Taking cues from his musical heroes as well as adopting many of the more euphoric traits of artists like Tom Odell and Coldplay has led him down a path of bold and impassioned song writing, which is reflected in his latest offering.

COFRESI – ‘Scars’ ft. Luna Grey

As an artist that is always looking to push the boundaries of his sound, producer COFRESI now unveils his latest genre-bending release ‘Scars’. Coupled with the soaring vocals of Luna Grey, this new offering effortlessly mixes together a variety of influences. With a sound that merges the styles of trap, hip-hop and pop, ‘Scars’ makes for a bold and exciting return.

JUJ – ‘Mood’ ft. Vic Mensa

Following on from the release of her terrific debut EP ‘JUJ, It’s U’ back in May, LA-based singer and songwriter JUJ now returns with a reimagined version of one of the release’s most enigmatic cuts. Teaming up with Chicago rapper Vic Mensa, this reworked single sees the pair add an extra layer of flair to the original track. JUJ’s soaring vocals now breathes swooning energy alongside the MC’s progressive flow and gives us another level of lift to the already captivating release.

Ceylon Ceylon – ‘Why Don’t They Love You’ ft. Graziella

After the roaring critical success of their previous single ‘Ghost’, production duo Ceylon Ceylon now return with their latest hit-in-waiting ‘Why Don’t They Love You’. Featuring the stunning vocals of Graziella, the pair bring their love of soul music to a bold and vibrant new level, taking influences from acts such as Lizzo for this bouncing new jam.

Swan – ‘Leave’

With their debut release ‘So Young’ making its way into the top three spot on Spotify’s viral charts, Texas-based duo Swan now look to mirror that success with the release of ‘Leave’. Bringing together their enthusiasm for ethereal electronics into a pop-honed direction, the pair move themselves into a more euphoric guise, delivering a bold and enticing return in the process.