is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Chapter Four’ by Trevor Drury.

Riding high after the release of his breakout single, talented singer songwriter Trevor Drury returns with his captivating new release ‘Chapter Four’ on June 21st.

With its entrancing synth presence and mesmeric vocals, Trevor Drury’s new single ‘Chapter Four’ shows a different side of this gifted artist and musician. Starting slowly with a percussive synth sound, the track quickly intensifies with the inclusion of Drury’s commanding vocal delivery.

‘This Chapter’s closing // It’s closing but it’s been my favourite book I’ve read in a while’ sings Drury, and his intensely earnest tone means the sentiment is felt as much as it is heard. ‘Chapter Four’ has a clear narrative drive and makes it clear once more that Drury is, at his core, a storyteller. His tender explorations of love and life are presented in an honest and authentic way, giving us a look straight into the mind of this young enigmatic artist.

Drury began to play the piano at the age of eight with a level of alacrity unusual for someone so young. Those around him soon realised how serious he was about music, and so his talent was nurtured and cultivated. He spent his teen years honing and perfecting his songwriting talents, and is now a student at the prestigious London based music institution BIMM. However, Drury is certainly no one trick pony. Raised in San Diego, Drury moved to New York City after being signed to the prestigious New York Models, a relationship that led to work with, to name but a few, Hermes, Robert Geller, and Tom Ford.

“Chapter 4’ is an alt-pop track peppered with rock influences. The single gives Drury an opportunity to show the true extent of his vocal ability, and his voice rises and falls throughout the song with a sense of unbridled euphoria.

So what’s next for Trevor Drury? Well with ‘Chapter Four’ being released on June 21st, and the remainder of the album dropping throughout the year, get ready to hear a lot more from this charismatic musician and wordsmith.