This is an epic music video containing a theme so relevant at the present time. Revealing his innermost feelings, Chris shows all the nooks of the present World and its beauty in love, peace and mutual understanding, which may be so fleeting.

Chris Slanton has a unique sound and vocal style which will divide opinion but throw something unique into the pop music blender

Since his childhood, Chris Slanton has been interested in music, In 2004 Chris created the pop band LifeCycle, and after the band split in 2009 Chris and his friends set up the publishing company Life Cycle Ltd to release Chris’s solo material.

Debut album ‘Online’ was released in 2009 with two singles ‘Always Me! Always You!’ and ‘But I Cannot Lose You’, both singles had high quality videos, with Chris using his background in TV to direct both of them.

Chris has also written and produced for other artists such as the 2014 single ‘In My Wishes’ by VLCAM.

In the summer of 2017, Chris created a new solo single 'That Was Never The Way…' however the song was never released, and it was decided to make a high quality video (2 years in the making) and release the song in 2019.