Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

SuRie – ‘Only You And I’

Best known as the UK’s entrant as part of Eurovision 2018, SuRie has quickly become one of the more engaging names emerging in the world of ethereal pop these last few years. After releasing her covers album ‘Dozen’ last year, the singer now returns with ‘Only You And I’, a beautifully blissful and euphoric offering that sees her channel the soaring and swelling vocal styles of Florence Welch and Imogen Heap.

Fushia – ‘Gold’

Despite only introducing themselves to us a few months ago, Danish twin sisters Fushia have been hard at work cementing their uniquely dark electro-pop sound. Following up their wonderfully well-received single ‘Dreams And Stardust’ last month, the pair now return with their equally euphoric cut ‘Gold’. Blending warped and anthemic production with their captivating and euphoric vocal performances, the duo look set to become one of the most talked about new acts of 2019.

My Silent Bravery – ‘Hey Miss’

As a strong believer of the DIY approach to creating and releasing music, singer-songwriter Matthew Wade aka My Silent Bravery has always had an uncompromising dynamic to his sound. Taking his musical cues from other euphoric folk-pop acts such as The Lumineers, the frontman now returns to share the second single from his upcoming new album ‘Hey Miss’, a genre-bending return that fully realises his multifaceted vision.

Le Youth – ‘Selfish’

After first emerging with his 2013 breakthrough hit ‘COOL’, producer Wes James aka Le Youth now looks to follow up last year’s sensational return ‘Stay’ with his first offering of 2019, ‘Selfish’. As a well-loved addition to any festival line-up, ‘Selfish’ sits as another one of the DJ’s most summer-ready anthems, inviting the vocal harmonies of singer Samana to add another layer to this vibrant and sun-kissed belter.

boerd – ‘It Fades Away’

With his eagerly awaited new EP ‘Misplaced I’ set to arrive at the end of this month, producer Bård Ericson aka boerd now looks to continue his smooth and mood-driven aesthetic with his latest single ‘It Fades Away’. Channelling the likes of Boards Of Canada and Bibio with his sparse and atmospheric direction, the beatmaker delivers a wonderfully ethereal croon that conveys a strong and emotional tone as it plays.