Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Allman Brown – ‘Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles’

After captivating us with his beautiful debut album ‘1000 Years’ in 2017, Hong Kong-born but London-based singer-songwriter now returns with his latest offering ‘Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles’. Lifted from his forthcoming new LP ‘Darling, It’ll Be Alright’, the frontman channels the wistful nature of Bon Iver and The National to create a wonderfully serene and uplifting serenade.

Fushia – ‘Dreams And Stardust’

Growing up together as identical twin sisters, Danish duo Fushia have always had an unspoken connection when it comes to writing new music, and while the pair now live in London and Stockholm respectively, they can still bond beyond boundaries with their latest single ‘Dreams And Stardust’. With its bold and ethereal sound, their newest release channels a far more anthemic direction, pushing them more towards the euphoric style of artists like Portishead.

Made In June – ‘Cha Cha’

As a regular mainstay of the Dutch electronic music scene, producer Made In June looks to get us ready for summer with her fresh and dancehall-inspired new jam ‘Cha Cha’. Mixing a distinctly Caribbean vibe with contemporary production ideas, this latest cut sees the beatmaker stretch out of her comfort zone and deliver something far more diverse than we have heard from her before.

Faradays – ‘Promise’

After the release of singles like ‘Snow’ and ‘Real’ these last few months, Dutch frontwoman Faradays now looks to cement her recent releases with the unveiling of her debut EP ‘Memories’. Opening up with the beautifully humbling ‘Promise’, the alt-pop starlet brings the same dark energy as Lorde and Billie Eilish to this stunning initial offering.

Marcel – ‘Sober’

He may have first made his name in the music industry as a member of noughties pop group Blazin Squad, but Marcel Somerville has grown beyond his years to release this matured and poetic new release ‘Sober’. Bringing in inspirations from his own personal life, the frontman has delivered a strong and diverse ballad that looks set to see him enter the charts once again.