Birmingham-based Rock band Bear Witness have just shared their new video for single ‘Perfect Living’ exclusively with Music News.

Shot on location in their hometown, the band wore multiple hats in the making of the video. Storyboarding, filming and editing the visuals themselves, it follows the story of a gifted human who is under government surveillance. By teleporting and manipulating reality the protagonist is on the run from government army DAWN. The first in a series of singles from Bear Witness, the story will be continued over the band’s next videos.

The track is a sarcastic observation about humans creating the illusion of living the perfect life and explores the realisation that carefree living doesn’t exist. This message runs throughout the video as can be seen by the fact that even a gifted human with the ability to teleport and manipulate reality can’t find an easy life in the future, under big brothers watchful eye.

The song was produced and mastered by Gareth Rogers who was an engineer on albums for Robert Plant, The Editors and Paolo Nutini. He helped the band hone in their sound, capturing the essence of tight angled guitar lines, hammering rhythms and raw powerful vocals that soar Bear Witness into a league of their own. These guys are definitely ones to watch so keep your eyes peeled.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next release to find out what happens to our protagonist and to see what the DAWN army will do next.

Get a first look at the video for “Perfect Living” below.