The video game industry is full of amazing scores and popular tunes. In fact, it’s even been inspiring musicians to create music in a similar style.

There are loads of hits in the pop culture that strangely sound like games. Be it retro arcade, classic console or current video games, there are some unexpected parallels with game soundtracks and popular music genres.

Here are just ten of the best video game-like tunes.

1. Beck – Girl
Beck’s Girl is a great example of an 8-bit musical elements that instantly remind of games from the 80s. It seems like his listeners enjoyed that too, as the song hit the top charts upon release.
2. Phil Collins – Easy Lover
Today, many hits from the previous decades remind of video games somehow. However, Phil Collins’ songs like Easy Lover do so more than the production of his contemporaries.
3. Mantronix – Got to Have Your Love
Electronic music is also easy to mix up with video game soundtracks. Mantronix combines that with hip-hop and rap elements and creates a style that’s reminiscent of classic TMNT games.
4. The Postal Service – Brand New Colony
Even indie rock can adapt video game tunes, as The Postal Service proved with their Brand New Colony. This song uses an uplifting 8-bit melody similar to the style of music used in Yoshi’s games.
5. 50 Cent – Ayo Technology (ft. Justin Timberlake)
50 Cent’s less-known Ayo Technology is filled with a vibrating retro sound that reminds of space-themed arcades. Heck, modern online casino games still employ the same style on space and alien-themed software.
6. Grimes – California
Similarly, the melody that backs Grimes’ vocals in her hit California seems like it was taken from an old adventure game. Even the music video backs that up with a Final Fantasy-like logo of the song in the beginning.
7. Crystal Castles – Concrete
Video game creators definitely like synth music a lot. Crystal Castles proves this with their game-like music all the time. For example, Concrete could pass as a soundtrack for a racing game like Need for Speed.
8. Kanye West – Guilt Trip
Kanye obviously used gameplay effects when creating Guilt Trip. The auto-tune added on top further boosts this digital feel. What we get is the theme song of Mario, except he’s a rapper now.
9. Buckethead – Jordan
American guitar virtuoso Buckethead might also be a fan of action games. His arrangement Jordan would be a great addition to any sci-fi shooter or fighting game.
10. Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go
Similar to the 50 Cent’s song we described above, Please Don’t Go is flavoured with retro sounds. As the song progresses, these sounds intensify, becoming almost indistinguishable from classic arcade game music.