Gravastar, a sci-fi inspired Bluetooth speaker just launched on Indiegogo. Play your favorite tunes on the go with this coolest speaker.

• 30-hour Playtime: play music all day, great for outdoor;

• Powerful Sound and Extra Bass: immerse yourself in sound waves;

• One-step Pairing: stream your favorite music easily and quickly from your smartphone;

• Bluetooth 5.0: bring your audio experience to the next level;

• Add an extra speaker for stereo sound.

Check out the campaign here.

Are you tired of old boxy speakers, and looking for a cool one? Play your favorite music with GravaStar Bluetooth speaker, its alien-design turns your room into a scene of your favorite sci-fi movie. We are offering $129 (retail $249) for a limited time! The first batch will be shipped before the campaign ends!

Bring the Future To You

GravaStar is more than just another Bluetooth speaker. We have reinvented how speakers are designed: tight, metal shell and sleek angles with built-in psychedelic lights, inspired by futuristic science fiction movies and games.

The metal robot appearance doesn't just look cool, but its spherical body allows the sound waves to resonate, which enhances its audio on top of the tripod legs that forms its stable structure. With a weight of 1.6kg (3.53lbs), the GravaStar remains stable when playing music with heavy bass at high volume.

You'll be able to enjoy the GravaStar for up to 30 hours on its battery, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy your music — no matter the time of day or night, both indoors and outdoors.

Simply, the GravaStar provides you with a sensational experience through its powerful sound and deep bass.

The GravaStar has a diameter of 140mm (5.51in) and a radiator of 80mm (3.15in). Its large bass driver delivers full and powerful bass to your music and gaming experience.

In addition, the GravaStar uses a 70mm (2.76in), 20W full-range speaker. The natural spherical diaphragm reproduces clear mids and crisp highs for a clear and smooth sound up to 20KHz. The bass driver is made from a polyphenylene composite and a metal magnetic core to reproduce deeper drums and clearer vocals.