is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'I've Known' by Will Rowe-Parr.

Will Rowe-Parr's songwriting is at least that. societal pressures, family, love and his home-town have the most influence on the Londoner's style.

Deep and powerful vocals, intertwined with intriguing guitar layers are backed by stylistic bass patterns and solid drum grooves.

Will's track, i've known is just this: vocals and guitar take turn leading the music throughout the verses, backed by clever rhythmic parts, providing the grit and kick to his vivid lyrics, with will's unique vocals delivering the heart-felt chorus.

Will Rowe-Parr is an indie/ rock singer-songwriter from london. having recently recorded a brand new catalogue of original music, he's gained support from the likes of bbc introducing & sofar sounds. will's recently played hoxton square bar & kitchen and will also be releasing new music over the coming months!