International award-winning singer-songwriter releases new single and announces the National Schools Poetry Competition with the theme of peace for World Poetry Day 21st March 2019.

Israeli born, internationally acclaimed, award-winning singer-songwriter, Tally Koren, is delighted to announce the release of her new single “SMILE AGAIN”, on 21st March. The single is taken from Tally’s forthcoming album based on poems that she edited and turned into songs.

“Smile Again” carries personal resonance for Tally, as she wrote it for her late husband, reflecting on a sincere personal experience - an authentic echo of her search for comfort in the grieving process. The words are based on a poem that Tally’s biggest fan poet Steve Kay from Yorkshire wrote especially for her, wishing to see some joy restored amidst the sadness.

Choosing to release the single on World Poetry Day celebrates Tally’s passion to be a voice for children in schools with the NSPC4PEACE, a competition she created to unlock the potential of young people and to encourage them to express their emotions through poetry now in its 3rd year. The competition is endorsed by Jeremy Gilley of “Peace One Day” for its emphasis on raising awareness of peace.

The release also falls on Spring Equinox Day, a poignant moment for Tally as she feels the single brings a fresh spirit back into her life following an emotional year. She will express her personal thanks to the charity Marie Curie Hospice by performing the single at a fundraising concert on April 27th in Hampstead “Vision of Hope”, which will also include poems about peace from some of the school children who have participated in the competition, as well as a performance by Iranian singer Roya Arab.

“Smile Again” is the second single from Tally’s forthcoming album “If I Could Write a Love Poem”. In the album there will be several songs adapted from poems by the winners of the National Schools Poetry Competition on the theme of peace. It will also include a new production of the BBC Radio 2 play-listed song ‘Beauty Of The Duty’ which also started life as a poem.

As a founder of the National Schools’ Poetry Competition, Tally embarked on a NSPC4PEACE tour across schools in 2017; before continuing to spread the message of diversity and peace across the UK on her 2018 “Vision Of Hope” tour culminating in being invited to speak at the House of Lords last December.

The National Schools’ Poetry Competition is designed to unlock the potential of young people and to encourage them to express their emotions through poetry. The project is supported by many well-known personalities in the arts including singer-songwriter Katie Melua, James Bond theme writer Don Black, as well as most recently the Archbishop of York who has just been confirmed as a Patron.