An original demo record of The Beatles’ debut single ‘Love Me Do’ has been listed on the British Heart Foundation’s eBay shop, where its value is expected to soar into the thousands.

According to the British Heart Foundation’s team of experts, the record is extremely rare and expected to raise a considerable amount for the charity.

‘Love Me Do’ was the first single to be released by The Beatles, making the demo a highly prized item. This record was one of only 250 that were made in 1962 to be sent to radio stations, just after the iconic band were turned down by record label Decca. If this record hadn’t been sent to radio stations, The Beatles might never have found fame.

Interestingly, Paul McCartney’s surname is spelt incorrectly on the song writing credit, with the member of the fab four referred to as 'McArtney'. This shows just how undiscovered the band were at the time, adding extra value to this incredible piece of history.

Listed at £1,060 at the time of writing, the British Heart Foundation hopes the vinyl will attract plenty more bids over the coming days and help raise much needed funds for research into heart and circulatory disease.

The British Heart Foundation’s eBay shop was born more than 10 years ago and the charity is now the biggest online charity seller in the UK, selling over 120,000 items each year including sought after vinyl records, highly valuable designer clothes and one of a kind collectors’ items. Last year the BHF eBay shop raised over £4 million for the charity’s vital work.

Music lovers have until 13th March to place bids and be in with the chance of winning a historic and treasured piece of British pop culture.

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