is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Run' by The 27.

The group, who have been building support by wowing gig-goers and amassing some influential fans, showcase their Americana-tinged pop on their dreamy new track. By turns tender and explosive, it is packed with their signature sounds - cracking guitar lines and the sort of sumptuous, sunny, close harmonies so beloved of 60s west coast bands, and yet somehow very 21st century.

Frontman Henry Parker has been building to this ever since he started honing his Songwriting and musicianship as a teen, growing up on a farm near Oxford. Along the way he has been taken under the wing of British producer Mike Hurst who nurtured his talent, and been befriended and championed by Country-Americana queen Margo Price. This outfit have built their following the hard but traditional way. Learning their craft, like all the greats, with honest-to-goodness gigging at small venues such as London’s Troubadour and Bush Hall.

They got their debut album (to be released in the spring) in the can at Jackson Browne's studio in Santa Monica, and while they were recording elsewhere in LA, they caught the ear and eye of none other than Beyoncé.
Fans, and soon-to-be fans, will get a taste of what’s on offer when The 27 release ‘Run’, through Hissing Duck / Animal Farm, early next year – bringing a dose of warmth and a promise of summer during the cold months. Henry says of the track: “’Run’ is about growing up and becoming an adult, not knowing exactly what that means or entails nowadays; it’s about trying to work out who you really are as an adult, as you progress from those teenage years.”
Or in the words of the song: “I only know how to run into the setting sun, back where I belong.”

The 27 have been drawing accolades for their raw, honest and soulful performances from those in the know, with Classic Rock declaring that the band blend “sun-kissed pop harmonies with roots Americana to beguiling effect”. Now watch them tighten up their laces and sprint to glory.

The single ‘Run’ is released on February 22nd through Hissing Duck/Animal Farm.
Hear the song here:

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