Perseverance - The Best Of Zuby is released on February 1st on COM Entertainment.

Zuby is an anomaly in hip-hop. He was born in England, grew up in Saudi Arabia (where he attended an American school) and is a graduate of Oxford University. Through years of hard work and dedication, he has become one of the UK’s most accomplished independent rappers, selling over 25,000 albums without a record deal.

His inspirational lyrics, intelligent wordplay and unique brand of 'Commercial Underground Hip-hop' have earned Zuby a loyal fan base. To date, he has amassed over 1 million YouTube views, 22,000 followers on Facebook, 15,000 on Twitter and 10,000 on Instagram.

Zuby has performed over 100 gigs in 8 different countries - including the UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Serbia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. He has opened for several well-known artists such as Tech N9ne, The Pharcyde, Akala and The Coup.

This year, he releasing his new album 'Perseverance - The Best of Zuby'. This follows his second successful crowdfunding campaign, where he raised over £15,000 in 30 days directly through his fans and supporters. Zuby is now the highest funded UK artist of his genre on Kickstarter.

Perseverance – The Best Of Zuby

Track Listing:

1. Perseverance [Brand New Track]
2. Remember The Name [Brand New Track]
3. Goonie Flow [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
4. Getting Mine ft. Wanz [Brand New Track]
5. Now Or Never [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
6. Comin’ At Ya [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]
7. Lonely Highway ft. Chess Galea [Brand New Track]
8. Stay In My Lane (Remix) ft. Marka [[from 'Zubstep' – 2013]
9. Steppin’ 2 Me [re-recording / originally from 'Commercial Underground' - 2006]
10. Ill [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
11. 3:16 (Stone Cold) [Brand New Track]
12. Gettemmm! [from 'Zubstep' - 2013]
13. Go Hard Or Go Home [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]
14. 50K ft ShaoDow [Brand New Track]
15. Cryptocurrently [Brand New Track]
16. Too Many [from 'The Unknown Celebrity' - 2008]
17. Open Up The Sky [from 'The Year of Zuby' - 2014]
18. The Same Ones [from 'The Unknown Celebrity' - 2008]
19. Look At Me [from 'Commercial Underground 2' - 2011]

Upcoming Announced Tour Dates:

Thursday 8th November – Bournemouth – Madding Ground
Friday 9th November – London – The Underbelly Hoxton

Notable Achievements:

25,000+ total albums sold independently - mainly direct-to-fan
1 million + Youtube views
50,000+ social media followers (Facebook: 22K, Twitter:14.5K, Instagram (11K), YouTube (6K)
Highest funded Hip-hop artist in the UK on Kickstarter with £24,000+ raised via two projects
£20,000+ merchandise sales in 2017
First independent UK artist to release own brand of headphones
First independent UK artist to run own pop up shops in major shopping centres
Reached #12 on the UK iTunes Hip-hop Album Chart with Zubstep EP in 2013
100+ gigs in 8 countries - UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Serbia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia
Opened for Tech N9ne, Akala, The Pharcyde, Bashy, The Coup
Festivals – Hip Hop Kemp, Bournemouth 7s Festival, Truck Festival, Basingstoke Live