Music impacts our lives in ways we fail to fathom. It’s a two-way street, however, as music itself is influenced by people’s lives and shaped through their experiences.

When it comes to music and the online gaming industry, many could argue that no obvious connection exists. They would be wrong, however. Countless songs through time have been inspired by casinos and gambling.

Parenthetically, casino players themselves would resort to music for inspiration and motivation during their lengthy gaming sessions.

Players usually have their own casino song lists which are intended to boost the adrenaline before they dig into the incredible world of playing online. To confirm the assumption about music and gaming we decided to talk to professionals in the area.

Based on a poll Best Casinos conducted on a sample of 350 readers who all happen to be avid online casino players, 78% would rather play their own music than get fully immersed into the soundtracks online slot games come embedded with.

As arguably the most popular type of casino games, online slots have created a proper revolution within the gaming sector. From one-armed bandits to games which boast high-definition graphics and elaborate gameplays, slots today come with an equally impressive soundtrack. Some of industry’s most established software providers, such as NetEnt, have also found direct inspiration in music for their work. Having recently celebrated its 20th birthday this company unveiled Rocks, a series of games dedicated to music icons – Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead.

With all of this being said, we decided to have a say of our own and present the ultimate top 10 list of songs in direct connection to gambling. The list below is bound to send your blood rushing while playing online.

The Ace of Spades (Motorhead)
Kicking it off with a bang, the first song on the list can actually be heard in that game NetEnt treated gamers with for its birthday.

“You win some, lose some, it’s all same to me” is the iconic verse of this heavy metal banger which is bound to get you off to a rocking start of any gambling session. Don’t bother trying to make out other words in the song – it can be quite difficult to be honest – this game will drive you forward nonetheless and you’re certain to keep it on repeat.

The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)
A calmer classic than the opening act in this list, Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler recounts an encounter between Kenny and a gambler on a train. It’s a gambling wisdom-packed tune which offers advice to those who are only diving into the exciting world of gambling.

“If you’re gonna play the game, boy you gotta learn to play it right…” – there is no arguing about that.

The Card Cheat (The Clash)
It might not be the first pick from The Clash’s highly acclaimed London Calling double LP but the Card Cheat still holds its value. It’s a melodic tune with dark lyrics, presenting a gambler’s gloomy faith as he gets ‘seized and forced to his knees and shot dead’.

There is a morale to the story, however, as it teaches you to play right and be a noble gambler.

Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley)
No list would be complete without the unofficial anthem of Sin City. Elvis Presley makes sure to cover all gaming aspects of Las Vegas in this iconic tune by mentioning poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and one-armed bandits – predecessors of online slot games.

Casinos, pretty women and a pulsating nightlife to this date remain the main association to Viva Las Vegas and the movie King starred himself in.

Poker Face (Lady Gaga)
It might be the case that Lady Gaga’s hit song is more of a romance tune than a gaming one, Poker Face teaches you a valuable life lesson.

With a catchy refrain kicking it off with “Can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face” and Lady Gaga exclaiming she “wanna hold’em like they do in Texas”, there is more than enough gambling reference so don’t hesitate in putting this song on the list.

Deuces Are Wild (Aerosmith)
If there is a man who can best depict a love story through a gambling reference than it’s definitely Steven Tyler. The object of his affection is a girl whose “deuces are wild” and any poker player can surely relate to that.

Deuces Wild Poker is all about landing a two and Aerosmith found a great way to incorporate them into a love song.

Good Run of Bad Luck (Clint Black)
Clint Black’s gambling hit found its way into the movie industry and appeared on The Maverick – a Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster gambling comedy – which is a perfect setting for a country hit such as Good Run of Bad Luck.

It’s a song packed full with casino reference from high rollers, lady luck, seven come eleven, chips and more.

Little Queen of Spades (Robert Johnson)
Eric Clapton might be the one who made this song the hit it is today but ask any avid blues fan and they will scream Robert Johnson’s name.

As a man who influenced generations of musicians, Robert Johnson was a man ahead of his time. In his Little Queen of Spades song, Johnson is “gonna get a gamblin’ woman” to “make our money green”. The king finds his queen in this romantic gambling pursuit which definitely deserves a place on any gambling-related list.

Losing Hand (Ray Charles)
Ray Charles might have been singing about gambling but his Losing Hand is a love song. It’s another great reference to the influence music had on many different areas of life.

“I gambled on your love baby and I got a losing hand”, he explains. The absolute music legend and one of the greatest artists of all time is another notable inclusion any self-respecting gambler will make to his casino song list.

Tumbling Dice (Rolling Stones)
Stories behind big hit songs are often quite remarkable. Such one definitely is the one Mick Jagger explained in ‘Jump Back: The Best of Rolling Stones ’71-‘93” while describing how he got the idea to write the song Tumbling Dice.

“I sat down with the housekeeper and talked to her about gambling. She liked to play dice and I really didn’t know much about it, but I got it off her and managed to make the song out of that”, he said.

Absolutely remarkable.