With Maximo Park still ringing in our ears and a wake up waterslide session, day 2 of Rockaway Beach kicked off for us in true rock n roll style with the loud cool drone of Desert Mountain Tribe. Leather Jackets and Dry Ice in plentiful supply.

Spook School's indie rock was next up on Reds stage. The adrenaline fuelled electro punk rock of Leeds' Menace Beach was the highlight of the afternoon in Reds venue with most of the band giving at least 400% , check this lot out live.

Dundee's Spare Snare have been around since the early 90s and the crowd in Reds made a lot of noise for their lo-fi classics.The experimental post punk of Algiers finished an afternoon of eclectic treats in the Reds Venue.

Nick Cave, Visage, Pan Sonic and Magazine are among the many previous projects of Barry Adamson. This wide and varied set of influences was apparent for his fascinating live set.

The beautifully crafted catchy pop rock of Halifax's Orielles lifted the crowd and really got people dancing at the main stage. Check out their debut album Silver Dollar Moment theres nothing out there quite like it.

Theres been a large influx of full length leather jackets in Butlins today,which can mean only one thing, Gary Numan is in the house!

After watching a fascinating (and hugely attended) live interview with him conducted by John Robb late this afternoon, the whole place is ready for the Gary Numan live show.

Gary's signature New Wave synth has developed over the years into a much harder industrial and darker sound. The use of the massive LED backdrop and the bands stage costumes and performance gave a feeling of a post apocalyptic landscape a la Mad Max.

Classics such as Cars and Are Friends Electric? sat comfortably alongside newer material, the highlight of this being the stunning My Name Is Ruin.

Steve Lamacq kept the warmed up crowd going with a DJ set of indie classics which went on into the night.