Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Johnny Gates - baseball

Inspired by rock icons through the ages, Johnny Gates is well on his way to becoming one himself and continues to excel one release after another. Following on from the sweetly somber ballad brooklyn nights in November, baseball utilises thought-provoking metaphor to spin a pensive narrative on the ups and downs of life. His debut project not a burnt cd releases early next so be sure to keep tabs on this authentic powerhouse of an artist.

François - Hearted

Burgeoning alt-pop frontman François triumphs in yet another release with Hearted, which incorporates every ounce of his distinctive sultry aesthetic from his previous release, but ups the ante by further venturing into an upbeat future-pop groove. The chopped vocal melodies work in perfect tandem with the fluttering harps and sharp electronic drums, all of which lay the perfect foundation for his blissful tones to perfectly set the palpable mood.

Jazzboy - Just Like We Did It (Dr1gs)

Parisian Avante-Garde off-pop phenomenon Jazzboy defies classification on Just Like We Did It (Dr1gs) which addresses a handful of provocative themes both visually and musically. Drawing inspriation from artists that pioneered the electronically charged genre, Jazzboy finesses his non-conformist attitude into his self-carved, grippingly immersive niche.

RAINDEAR - World Below

Scandinavian indie-electro-pop songstress RAINDEAR embraces a dark, cinematic grandeur on her latest track World Below. Providing another dimension to her ever-evolving sound, she continues to grow and develop from her formidable start as an artist. As the lyricist, vocalist, and producer, she is in complete control of her creative vision, and a true force to be reckoned with.

Coleurs - Years Ago

Coleurs, the artistic moniker of producer Colin Wood, has cut his teeth producing and songwriting for those around him and now, confidently steps into the spotlight solo with his poised, yet euphoric debut project Distance. Stand out track Years Ago is a slow-burning 80s inspired lament that’ll wash over you with each wonderous synthetic cadence.