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Twilight Driving - Dangerous

Indie-pop four-piece Twilight Driving share their aperture on the highs and lows of life told through the unfolding metaphor of a night out in their hometown of Brighton on latest track Dangerous. Incorporating all the right elements of 80s pop and Americana, it's hard to ignore the stadium-sized, anthemic chorus’ that are separated by the sweetly somber storytelling verses - essential listening.


With so many ways to compose and produce music digitally nowadays, some electronic music producers tend to get stuck in the cycle of sounds that don’t extend beyond their workstation. This is not the case for Cambridgeshire-based producer OSCURO who’s hauntingly beautiful Feel incorporates fluid, earthy sounds into his cinematic chillstep for an ambient masterpiece.

Gentry - Disconnected

Part of a double A-side debut, London-bred L.A. based performer, composer and producer Gentry triumphs in his step into the spotlight with his funky, effervescent electronica. Disconnected spins a lovesick tale which musically perpetuates the motivations of the lyrics with juxtaposed glitchy sounds and shimmering synths laying the foundation for his distinct soulful falsetto.

Chel - My Name

Its always refreshing when artists look to address and loosen the grip of antiquated views of society, and LA-based modern pop starlet Chel takes aim at the standardised perception of modern beauty in life, music and beyond with My Name. This soaring indie-pop heavy hitter is a celebration of individuality, in an empowering, incredibly catchy manner.

EMM - Freedom

Singer-songwriter-producer EMM is overflowing with creativity and empowerment. Having overcome eating disorders, mental health issues, the struggles of the industry, and moving from her small hometown to New York City at the meager age of 16, she has life experience and a formidable talent way beyond her age. Freedom addresses the complex taboo of addiction, delivered in her distinctive alt-pop songwriting style.

Möwe - Down By The River ft. Emy Perez

Austrian duo Möwe perfectly weave together themes of indie pop and deep house for the irrefutably catchy Down By The River that also carries as almost country-esque flavour without straying too far from their roots. An earworm whistled melody carries an infectious, positive energy and Emy Perez’s honeyed vocal talents break up energy allowing the groove to hit even harder.