During the recording of Marianne Faithfull’s new album Negative Capability (out now on BMG), Nick Cave talked with Marianne Faithfull about the new record and her life in music. Their conversation is interspersed with footage from the residential La Frette Studio in Paris captured during the recording sessions.

Directed by Naiché Caudron, this 18 minute video provides a unique insight into the writing and recording of ‘Negative Capability’ including the inspiration for the songs and the recording process, the personalities that came together to create this extraordinary record and the friendships between Marianne and her collaborators Warren Ellis, Rob Ellis, Nick Cave, Ed Harcourt, Rob McVey and Mark Lanegan.

Posting on her social media Marianne this week said “Thank you everyone for loving and appreciating my record. The reviews and the letters I have had loving my record is a surprise, and a wonderful surprise. I have the feeling, at last, that my work is understood, and that I am understood. Thank you, Marianne xxx”