Passenger has released the official video for ‘He Leaves You Cold’, a track taken from his Top 10 new album ‘Runaway’. The cinematic new video was shot earlier this year in Aspen, Colorado by long-time collaborator Jarrad Seng.

“‘He Leaves You Cold’ is a real wild card, and originally I wasn’t going to put it on the record,” says Passenger, aka Brighton’s Mike Rosenberg. “It’s about ten years old and I haven’t played it for about nine of them! We got to the last day of recording and we weren’t happy with one of the other tracks, so I wracked my brains about whether I had any other songs that might fit with this group of songs, and eventually this one came to mind. I’m so glad it did because actually I think it’s a really strong moment on the album. It’s actually written from a female’s perspective about being in a relationship, and its fine, its ok, but it doesn’t really set her world alight."