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Lucy Mair - Being Pretty Was Fun

Lucy Mair is an undiscovered gem. Well, the primer of that statement may be short-lived considering the execution of her empowering jazz-pop triumph Being Pretty Was Fun. It tackles the oldfashioned perceptions of beauty in the modern world with a remarkably honest stance. Everything seems to come so naturally to her, from her effortlessly soaring vocals to the charmingly nostalgic production all the way through to the aforementioned powerful message; shes truly destined for greatness.

Rebekah Fitch - Need To Feel

On the topic of outdated concepts of modern life, Irish alt-pop singer-songwriter tackles the taboos of mental health on Need To Feel. The mix of wonky and indie pop themes embrace the darker, chilling sides of vocal tones, but what makes this track stand out is the message - if technology is meant to connect us, why are we more isolated than ever?

Greatness of Saturn - When 3 Become 4...

Mixing the old school aesthetics of hardware with new school ideas, enigmatic Los Angeles based producer Greatness of Saturn electrifies your mind on When 3 Become 4… from the self-titled debut EP. Not bound by the conformities of so-called genre, Greatness of Saturn takes all the swagger of Rock and Roll but tells the story through a digital world, driven by gritty synthesizers and consistently switching rhythms.

MP The Kid - Stuck to my Mind

With a sound a like a more club-oriented blackbear mixed with the iconic style of G-Eazy, Austrian hip-pop artist MP The Kid (fka MP) has been tirelessly working from his studio in Austria to great national acclaim. Now setting his sights on world domination, Stuck to my Mind garners a swaggering crossover appeal with confident melodic rhymes atop a slick-as-anything grooving production - it’s hard not to be hooked instantly.

MIO - High On Me

Swedish newcomer MIO boldly introduces herself to the alt-pop world with the lugubrious High On Me that smartly weaves together elements of pop, tropical dance, and R&B that are held together by her blissful and almost playfully adolescent vocal tones. Interestingly though, she remains anonymous - something somewhat unheard of in the pop world, unless you’re counting Sia and with a sound as strong as this, MIO will likely become a household name just like her.

thanks. - HYHU

Los Angeles based duo Mario and Steve are making jovial indie pop that incorporates twists of psychedelia, cinematic themes and electronically influenced beats and melodies. HYHU or ‘Hold Your Head Up’ is a slow-burning feel-good anthem that’s heavy on the brass and irrefutable groove.