is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Placebo by Chasing Deer.

Placebo was recorded in Amsterdam with Igor Wouters, in the inspiring Amsterdam Recording Company which we now regard as our second home. Rob uses a selection of vintage keyboards inspired by many 00's Indie bands such as The Vaccines and The Killers. We used a 1981 Korg Polysix used by some classic bands such as The Kinks, Tears for Fears and Europe.

We went back to our roots and recorded the music video in the heart of Birmingham at Robannas Studios where the first ever Chasing Deer rehearsal happened all those years ago! We wanted to capture the raw energy of the track.

Chasing Deer's upcoming album 'Hands On' is focused around raising awareness for British Sign Language accessibility. The hand symbol on the cover is sign for 'hope'.

The band are holding a special album launch show, 22nd Nov at London's Bush Hall, for their new album 'Hands on'. The aimed at a completely inclusive audience of both hearing and deaf people: The sound system is set up so that the deaf audience can 'feel' the vibrations of the music, lyrics and speech will be interpreted on stage for all the bands, while signers will also be dotted around the venue to help anyone deaf attending the show!

Chasing Deer