Dutch five piece De Staat today release the video for brand new single KITTY KITTY, October 19th. The track is taken from their forthcoming fifth studio album Bubble Gum, which is being released through Caroline International on January 18th, 2019.

The album’s massive lead single couldn’t serve as a better primer. Not only does Bubble Gum’s KITTY KITTY labyrinthine five-minutes and 56-seconds boast a gigantic, bubbling bassline, it also boldly attempts to capture the conflicting arguments transpiring on the global political stage right now. “That song is very much based on when Trump arrived,” explains Torre. “It’s a collection of words and sentences which came into my head during that campaign – it’s about the creation of different groups in society and how they’re completely in their own bubble.”

Which is an idea at the heart of De Staat’s new album: “As it always goes when I write, at a certain point I notice a theme,” reflects Torre. “And in this case almost every song – in a different way – is about feeling like you’re in a bubble. It’s the new religion, people very much believe in their own bubble: the information they want to have they’ll get, and the information they don’t like, they’re not open to it.”

“I know our music goes all over the place,” laughs De Staat vocalist, lyricist and rhythm guitarist Torre Florim. “You don’t want to know how often we’ve heard from the industry, ‘We can’t categorise you!’ I’m sorry, but we can’t do anything else – to me, this is exactly what we need to do…”

He needn’t apologise. In the best way possible, De Staat are a band opening the floodgates to an intoxicating, even dizzying, array of genres. Not that this is particularly unusual for them, mind; it’s been woven into their DNA since day one.