www.amplifytheanthems.com is a new concept aimed at delivering a platform and one stop shop for UK unsigned and independent artists, providing more opportunities to perform live and sell music online in a structured environment. An introductory offer with the first 100 premium sign ups being free has limited spaces left using promo code premiummember100. ATA encompasses a competition dynamic for all acts involved, with charts based on views, likes and sales, plus an opportunity for artists to develop their online presence through an e-commerce profile. The new platform has a regional bias so bands and artists can compete and work alongside other musicians in their locality. The artists who perform best regionally will top their local chart and have the opportunity to perform at events across the UK.

Redefining the unsigned & independent artist’s industry in the UK
The rise and expansion of the digital age now allows unsigned musicians and independent artists to be heard across multiple channels like never before. However, with the abundance of music videos on YouTube and samples on Soundcloud, talented and successful musicians often get lost in the never ending pool of content. Amplify The Anthems allows musicians to put a face and person behind their music online, without being hidden between millions of files or being a victim to a RickRoll! Through ATA, unsigned musicians will have their music heard by the right target audience, making it easier to be scouted for support gigs and private bookings.

Some unsigned musicians may not have a large enough dedicated fan base to sell music, tour the UK and sell merchandise. ATA allows artists to grow and develop, without having the privilege of management, as the site can effectively be their own manager. ATA offers additional services such as prepaid Direct-To- Garment merchandise manufacturing, meaning artists can advertise and sell their music/merchandise over the platform without the need of a label or cash flow! Sometimes the label route might not be feasible for musicians as they want to maintain complete control of their music, finances and artistic direction. In essence, the birth of ATA’s digital platform allows emerging artists to gain an income and control their future whilst being paid up to 100% royalty directly into their accounts.

What are Amplify The Anthems goals?
www.amplifytheanthems.com combines a functionality that artists have already become accustomed to, in a truly user friendly way. The website allows new sign ups to add information easily about gigs, digital downloads, music videos, galleries and merchandise as well as fans having the ability to leave comments. All in all, the various features ATA offers creates a one stop shop for UK new music. The aim is to be the single largest collection of unsigned and independent artists in the UK with weekly charts and a UK wide live music and events calendar, making it extremely easy for music lovers to find gigs and music created by artists in their local area any night of the year.

This exciting new way for artists to interact and build their brand is set to transform the way musicians approach their music online. As it grows through 2018, it will become a must have tool for all artists serious about amplifying the thing they love most, their music.

Three strategic membership offerings are available, so no matter what the level or ability of artists looking to sign up, they can sell their music online knowing they are getting the best royalty payments possible;

• Basic (Free forever with reduced services and 20% commission on all online sales)
• Premium (£4.99 per month with 10% commission on all online sales)
• Professional (£9.99 per month with 100% going back to the artist and access to all services)

Finally, Premium & Professional memberships have a free two-month trial and have additional services which can be seen in the graphic over leaf.