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This darkly mystifying indie talent emerges from the shadows to follow up his double A-side debut with the emphatic No Fools. A refreshingly tasteful swagger oozes from this track, but carries a distinctive grittiness and this dichotomy is what makes it stand out against the torrents of indie upstarts.

Paria - Casual

With her creative expression hindered in her native Iran, a move to Oslo allowed Paria’s blissful talents to be unbound - and that perspective now continues into her boundaryless music. In a manner unmatched, she weaves together influences from across the musical spectrum for the boundary pushing and summery pop groove Casual.

Sody - Maybe It Was Me

Intimately honest, Sody let’s her honeyed cadence and personal narrative on the complexities of modern love wash over you like powerfully emotive waves on latest cut Maybe It Was Me. With a stripped back instrumental that provides direction for her vocals, it’s all eyes or ears rather on her voice, her story and her vision and it is a stunning musical journey.

OWLIK - You Got Me ft. Dance Kartel and Terri B!

With electronic music evolving at a shockingly fast pace, it’s always satisfying when new artists opt to defy trends in this fast paced industry. Swedish artist and producer OWLIK perfectly encapsulates a timeless house sound with positivity flowing all the way from the upbeat groove to the powerful vocal performance on dance floor smash You Got Me. Keep an eye out for OWLIK, he’s clearly got a natural gift for making music that makes you want to move.

HYYTS - Butterflies In My Head

With a start so strong you’d think that HYYTS had been dominating the pop scene for years. This debutant duo are mixing iconic pop sounds of the past with the boundary pushing contemporary attitude that could grab even the harshest of critics attention. On Butterflies in my Head there’s tastes of disco, hip hop, electro pop and a little bit of jazz, all based around an indelible pop backbone - truly exceptional listening.

Nakala - Oh Girl

Based on the south coast of the UK, Nakala and long term production Brad Baker have been quietly making music that outguns the rest of the world at every level. Nakala’s battle-hardened lyrics are executed with her graceful tones, and written atop productions filled everything you want to hear in contemporary R&B. Oh Girl is more than just a catchy track, its an honest snapshot into Nakala’s life, balancing great songwriting with a relatable message of modern life.