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Julian Xtra - Everybody Eatin’

In the ever evolving game of hip hop, there’s a fine line between executing an exuberant sense of humour and not taking yourself seriously and in the case of Los Angeles based artist Julian Xtra, it’s no bother to walk that line with finesse. Everybody Eatin’ celebrates sharing the wealth of your successes amongst the people that helped get you there, which takes the Chicago influences of his past and sharpens them up with contemporary production elements from the new trap wave. The video is a surreal play on the classic Robin Hood tale, which paired with the music makes for a wildly eye and ear catching experience.

iLL BLU - Chop My Money feat. Krept & Konan, Loski and ZieZie

Having originally made waves in the UK Funky scene, UK duo iLL BLU prove once again that their talents are second to none with the dancehall infused Chop My Money which features UK rap scene heavyweights Krept & Konan, artist ZieZie to provide the indelible hook and co-production from Loski. This electric release is the perfect transitional track between summer and autumn, capitalising on a summer vibe without it being the main focus and samples Fish Go Deep’s The Cure & The Cause which is an ode to the track that inspired them to make music.

Harry Nathan - Rooftops

Sharing the first single from his upcoming EP, Australian singer-songwriter-producer Harry Nathan excels with the late summer pop hit Rooftops. This sweetly melancholic pop standout pulls from influences from far and wide across the musical spectrum, reggae inspired guitars that swing a groove for the vocals in the verses - then transitioning into a sampled bhangra hook? Who would have thought it would work but it does gloriously, displaying a poised sense of creative energy from this emerging talent.

Chime - Whirlwind

Dubstep: A genre that lived a short life at the peak of it’s hype earlier this decade, accelerated by the no-holds-barred attitude that appeal to artists and audience alike. While not at the forefront of the mainstream anymore, the genre is simmering away in the background waiting for artist like Leeds based producer Chime to bring it into the fore once again. Continuing to experiment with energy filled soundscapes, Whirlwind explodes with electricity fusing melody with a visceral aggression, for a bright and constantly evolving sound he calls ‘Colour Bass’.

Laélia - Television ft. Inu The Strange

Brazilian-born London-based femme fatale Laélia connects with the boundary pushing producer and artist Inu the Strange for this timeless and thought provoking electro pop triumph. This darkly mystifying track is the perfect iteration of the talents each of the party involved with the production allowing this emerging artists to reach anthemic status with a glory akin to the likes of Madonna.

Nova Hall - In The Memory Of Unknown

Continuing the theme of dark and gripping electro pop, Swedish-born London-based Nova Hall follows up her debut with the immersive In The Memory Of Unknown. Lyrically she addresses the passing of a close friend, and has poured her entire being into this deeply emotive ode to her memory. Musically it stands out with its driving, trend defying sound that provides a palpable backbone for the powerful message.