Acclaimed Brighton based singer/songwriter, Lily Moore releases her brand new single ‘Do this For Me’ today, accompanied by an evocative performance video.

The latest track from her forthcoming 2nd EP, ‘Do This For Me’ is a heartfelt, intimate track built around a simple piano melody, and Lily’s unmissable voice. Listen HERE

“Do This For Me is a song about wanting to be able to say something to someone but not feeling brave enough to do so. No matter how many times I've performed this song it always seems to get me when I’m on stage…it feels so real”, Lily shares.

The deeply personal nature of the song is reflected in it’s simple, yet emotionally impactful video. Recorded in a single shot, it focusses on Lily’s intense performance and really allows the songs power to speak for itself. Shot in her dressing room, prior to a show that evening, it is infused with the nervous energy one feels just before stepping in front of a crowd.

“ I wanted the video to capture the honesty of the song by doing a one-shot performance where there was nothing for me to hide behind. I’m just singing my heart out in my dressing room before I go on stage”, Lily adds.