The abbreviation TEAS stands for the Test of Essential Academic Skills, a standardized exam used bynursing schools to evaluate admissions. The test is administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

Test Format
The TEAS test is administered as a multiple-choice exam and comprisesfour sections. The candidateshave to answer atotal of 170 questions in 210 minutes (3 hours and 30 minutes). However, 20 questions out of those 170 are not scored, but used for internal assessment purposes instead. You can find the TEAS test breakdown on the official web page.

Typically, the TEAS test is taken at the medical facility where one is studying or at the nearesttest center. If you are looking to register for the TEAS exam, first visit the nursing program’s official website, call, or send an email to the nursing school of your choice directly.

TEAS Test Scores
After sitting for your TEAS, the test scores will be available within 48 hours for the paper-based exam and immediately for the electronic test. Your transcript contains a composite score computed by dividing the correct answers by the test's total questions. Scoringadjustments are made based on the difficulty of your test.

Tips for Passing TEAS Test | Test of Essential Academic Skills
Get acquainted with the exam
Build an understanding of what to expectduring the test to help you ace it. The PrepAway TEAS Practice Test uses four sections to assess your candidacy. All the same, you are allocated 3 and a half hours to answer 170 questions. The exam is available in two variants: paper-based and computer-based. Nonetheless, you are not allowed to bring a calculator with you. Thus, for a paper-based variant of the test you only need to have a pencil.
Study well for the test subjects
Before sitting for the exam, review key Maths, English, Reading, and Science concepts. Doing so ensures that you are prepared for the test. You can find useful resources online to help you polish your command of the test areas.
Rehearse the exam
Find out the location where you’ll be taking the exam and visit it before the actual test. This will help you assess the conditions around and inside the center. In this way, you can avoid getting caughtunaware due to road construction or traffic on the exam day. Plus, this will help you get acquainted with the layout of the center in case you need to park your car.
Review your study material
With the exam day approaching fast, you should perform a high-level review of all previous lessons. Preferably, you should rework through the practicetests to buttress the study habits you have accumulated. This lets you gain useful insightregardinghow to approach the exam questions.
Keep moving
During the test, avoid getting bogged down by difficult questions. Ideally,youshould leave those questions that you are not sure about for later. Instead, you should focus on answering the easy ones first. Similar to many other standardized tests, the TEAS doesn't penalize its candidates for giving wrong answers. So, make it your goal to answer each and every question, even if you need to guess.
Avoid assessing yourself
While you’re in the exam room, avoid thinking about how you are doing. Keep it in mind that sitting for a standardized exam never feels good for anyone. Ignore your own feelings as they are unreliable. Instead, remind yourself that you’ve prepared capably and that you are going topass the exam.

Top Resources
TEAS Review Manual
This is an official ATI TEAS test guidebook. In it, you will find the most comprehensive coverage of all the sections of this exam. Also, bundled in this book are hundreds of practice tests that mimic the content and style of the actual TEAS. Besides, this guideexplains why the answers are correct or incorrect. By using this resource, you’ll be well-equipped to ace the test.
Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills
Published by the developers of the TEAS test, this book contains all the latest study content in the four exam areas. Throughout this book,you will find revised an updated practice questions and answer keys, as well as a full-length TEAS practice test. Plus, this resource is written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.
ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide, Sixth Edition
As the TEAS is a very demanding test, you need all the help you can get to pass it and become qualified for a nursing school. This guide is the most useful preparation resource. Besides beingvery comprehensive, it also containsfull-length practice tests that explain each answer, as well as 74 video tutorials.

Top Websites
Achieve Test Prep
This course contains over 21 hours of live training sessions, 10 hours of review videos, flashcards, and practice materials. Through this program, you’ll learn all about what to expect during the exam alongsidenecessary fundamentals. To top that, this course offers you the flexibility of studying from any place that suits you.
PrepAway TEAS Practice Test
The PrepAway TEAS Test Prep site provides free practice question to the candidates sitting for this test. It covers all four core subjects of the exam. Besides that, you get useful advice on how to approach the test, ensuring that you gain impressive scores. Additionally, this resource iscustomizable to fit your unique needs.
The Adkins Academy, Inc.
The Adkins Academy TEAS Test Prep Course offersthe following features: over 30 hours of online instructions, the chance to ask questionduringthe lectures, and over 500 practice questions. This course immerses the TEAS candidates into all key test areas. In doing so, you are assured of gaining at least an 80% passing score.

Personal Experience
I recently sat for my TEAS test and passed it quite easily. As I am a senior citizen, I didn't get to study hard enough for the exam as I had already been accepted into the TEAS program. However, I performed poorly in the science and maths sections. I guess it was because I spent too much time on them. By the moment I realized I was almost out of time, I decided to fill the rest of the questions with ‘B’, and it helped me a little. It is always advisable to fill in all the blank spaces, as during this test you are not punished for giving a wrong answer. Nevertheless, do not repeat my mistake, and keep an eye on the remaining test time. Be sure to make use of the above-mentioned tips and study resources, and you will certainly pass the exam with flying colors.

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