ED IS DEAD ‘#YL48H Reworked’ album. The original album was in the DJ MAG Spain top 10 of 2017, and has exceeded 1.5 million plays on Spotify.

Your Last 48 hours (Reworked) is a complete reinterpretation of the second album of Ed is Dead, it is not only a remix album, it is a new composition itself, where the themes take on a life of their own and each of the artists reinterprets the message of what to do in his last 48 hours of life.

O mer, Piek, Skygaze, Dub Elements, North State, Edone, Clara Brea, BSN posse, Vlack Motor and the own Ed ... create a completly new album based on Ed is Dead´s #YL48H

Listen to the album here.


1- Rob a Bank feat. Alice Wonder (Ed is Dead Rework)
2- Kidnap a Politician (Skygaze Rework)
3- Have a Fight (North State Rework)
4- Make Someone Happy feat. Mani Obeya (Piek Rework)
5- Spend Sometime With You feat. Lucia Scansetti (Clara Brea Rework)
6- Get Drunk feat. Nikki Garcia (O mer Rework)
7- Heroin (EdOne Rework)
8- Jump Out Of An Airplane (Vlack Motor Rework)
9- Drive Fast (BSN Posse Rework)
10- Family Dance feat. Odille Lima (Dub Elements Rework)