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Christian French - sweet home

Christian French’s natural affinity for music became apparent in high school, with him sharing covers of his favourite tracks on YouTube. He quickly outgrew his humble beginnings at university when he started sharing his own music which caught the ear of grammy-nominated producer Dru Decaro, with their newfound synergy making waves across the world. Christian shares the follow up to breakthrough hits love ride and superstars with sweet home, which pays homage to the comforts of home, perfectly executing his grassroots indie pop vibe.

Diives - Who Knew (Music Video)

North Wales songsmith Diives’ Who Knew is a triumph of indie pop that carries elements of British musical icons with it’s relatable narrative and honest delivery. He channels the familiar angst of heartbreak into a gripping release that provides an equal plain between artist and audience. Compounding this message, he shares visuals shot in his home town of Flint by Andy Willsher (credits include Biffy Clyro, The White Stripes and Kasabian), capturing his authentic aesthetic perfectly.

Luna - Try Again?

Shining brightly, London-based artist Luna excels with her debut Try Again? that addresses the complex subject of mental health, told through battle-hardened personal experiences. Dealing in a moody electro pop atmosphere, her crisp voice shares her story in the hope of helping people that are dealing with the same issues and letting them know that they’re not alone.

Dead Ceremony - Heartache

Kent-based four-piece Dead Ceremony work in dark flavours from both synth pop and nu-R&B for their cultivated musical vision that sits neatly in a niche of its own between the two genres. Latest cut Heartache, the titular track from their recent EP is an ode to drawing strength from emotional struggles found in life and walks the line between synthetic and organic sounds, providing perfect space for the emotive vocals to wash over you.

Dan Miz - Dance with the Wind

NYC based Dan Miz has lived a life immersed in music, growing up sharing the same city as some of the greatest musicians of all time. His passion led him to self teach a myriad of instruments and has been producing since a young adolescent. Now an established artist, he reimagines conventional musical concepts in unconventional methods, with latest song Dance with the Wind taking themes of uplifting EDM and Reggaeton to deliver a somber and melancholy message.