Fickle Friends have partnered with Amber Run to create a new version of ‘Heartbroken,’ a fan favourite which originally appeared on their debut full-length, You Are Someone Else (Polydor Records) - listen to the track HERE. The new duet is the third release from the new EP, following an acoustic release of ‘Say No More’ and an alternative mix of ‘Wake Me Up’. All three tracks comes from their forthcoming release You Are Someone Else (Versions), an EP featuring special versions of select tracks from the album. You Are Someone Else, the album from which the tracks are taken, which hit #9 on the Official UK Album Charts, is out now.

Speaking about the new track, singer Natti Shiner commented, "Heartbroken has all sorts of meanings, but when we wrote it we were in a difficult headspace and kinda thought the music industry was out to get us. I know a lot of people have felt that way at some point, including our good friend Joe (from Amber Run). Asking him to sing this with me gave it a whole new feel, his voice is incredible and it made it more special because I think he could totally relate to the lyrics too."

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