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IMAN - Get The Feeling

Having already garnered multi-platinum status by virtue of her songwriting on the behalf of other acts, it’s clear to see that IMAN is no rookie in terms of crafting precise and pristine Pop music. The London based singer-songwriter takes flavours of R&B, Soul and Electro Pop music to make her distinct cocktail, which makes for a great taste on latest Get The Feeling. As an ode to her realising the capability of her own creativity, this upbeat grooving jam will put you in a good mood in a matter of moments.

Kinder - What You’re Like

The Australian electronic music duo have already broken to the scene to great success despite this being their debut track. They created a launchpad for themselves as DJs opening for the likes of NGHTMRE and RL Grime, and performing at a handful high profile Australian festivals. Now looking to display their formidable talents as artists and step away from being solely DJs, the duo impress with What You’re Like. Rife with forward thinking elements as well as a stellar vocal performance from the pair, you see what they’re truly capable of on this Electro Pop meets Deep House crossover.

Charlee Remitz - To Tell You The Truth

LA based songstress Charlee Remitz found strength in the damage that her parents contentious divorce dealt. Using that passion as fuel for her graceful and poised pop, Charlee only makes truly gripping music, and her skill and expressive voice would catch anyone’s ear on any of her back catalogue, which has seen nothing but success. To Tell You The Truth strides into the fore as a well crafted Electro Pop lament, conjuring timeless sounds as the narrative washes over you via Charlee’s emotive voice.

Kaerhart - Losing My Mind

Kaerhart gave herself an ultimatum after almost failing to establish her “guitar player with mystique” persona, either quit music or reinvent herself. This time going solo as an empowering femme fatale, she’s soon to be a household name of Electro Pop. On latest track Losing My Mind, she combines a strong message of positivity through her relatable lyricism with a powerhouse summer instrumental. It’s clear that she’s struck gold with her vision and proves that she is one worth keeping an eye on.

Lui Peng - No Rush

British-Chinese singer-songwriter Lui Peng has come a long way from his humble beginnings of sharing acoustic covers of Pop songs to YouTube. Still letting that grassroots vibe influence his music, his sound now incorporates contemporary electronic elements and has found a niche balance between the two. Latest offering No Rush is a smooth nu-R&B cut that provides ample space for his distinctive timbre to shine brightly.