Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

Alice Kristiansen - Weightless

NYC based singer-songwriter Alice Kristiansen has the uncanny ability to balance writing personal and intimate pop music with a level emotional relatability to her audience. Existing in the same atmosphere as artists like Lykke Li and Lana Del Rey, Kristiansen matches their the ability with fewer tracks under her belt. Weightless is a statement of her intent in the music world as a new artist, with her syrupy sweet voice soon to make her a household name.

Marlena Taylor - Wats Luv Ft. Dee’Jon

Love and loss is a powerful motivator and has fuelled some of the best music ever written, and channeling that energy into her emotional music is 23 year old rapper Marlena Taylor. Building on her experience as a poet, Taylor took her first steps as a recording artist this year and excels with latest song Wats Luv. With Dee’Jon providing a 90s R&B style hook, Taylor spins an intimate narrative of a break up over a timeless lo-fi production, proving she more than deserves your full attention.

Mandy Jiroux - Running Out of You

Navigating from the successful ‘Miley and Mandy’ show on YouTube into a music career that’s so far garnered 1.6 million Spotify plays, coupled with her choreography achieving 1.3 million YouTube subscribers - it’s clear that what she touches turns to gold. Joining forces with powerhouse producer Loose Change, who’s responsible for worldwide hit Touch by Little Mix, Jiroux looks to up the ante with latest track, Running Out Of You that is lead by it’s impactful summer-themed groove, with Jiroux’s emotive tones matching the energy perfectly making for a truly standout track.

MUNCH! - Whip!

Positivity is something rarely put first in hip-hop due to the brash masculinity that normally takes precedence. Someone looking to bring a heavy amount of positivity to his work and executing his vision with finesse is Detroit based MC MUNCH! Latest offering Whip! is a cutting edge trap-influenced cut that looks to build on the modern hip hop sound with simple grooves and infectious vibe that’ll have your feet tapping and head nodding in no time.

Alex Ross & Futureclub - Deep In Your Heart

Huddersfield born DJ Alex Ross teams up with Futureclub to destroy dancefloors all summer long with instant classic Deep In Your Heart. Fusing contemporary house with flavours of rave classics, there’s something to enjoy for every fan of electronic music here, with hard hitting bass-lines, timeless vocal melodies and a groove like no other.