As part of Spotify’s Secret Genius Studios programme, Charli XCX is to host fan listening sessions and a songwriting masterclass on June 22nd at SARM Studios in Notting Hill, London.

Spotify asked Charli to help curate the studio, allowing her to bring her own ideas and style to the activity. Charli chose to invite 40 superfans to the studio to meet with her and be a part of an exclusive listening session of her new material. The invitees will be made up of fans from Charli’s social media channels as well as Spotify super fans who listen to her music the most.

As well as inviting fans to listen to new music, Charli will also host an intimate masterclass for a handful of music producing fans where she will listen to their music and give feedback and advice on their productions, songwriting and making it in the music industry.

Paul Adam, Spotify’s Head of Songwriter Relations, Europe, commented: “When we were speaking about artists to be involved in the Secret Genius programme Charli XCX was the name on everybody’s lips. Not only is she known as a fantastic artist in her own right but her songwriting credentials are up there with the best in the business. The Secret Genius mission is all about helping the next generation realise their potential; having access to the studio along with Charli’s advice should help participants go some way to realising their dreams.”

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